Global Terrorism Newsleter

The most relevant news related to Global Terrorism in a synthetic and organized way, allowing to detect perspectives and trends in a few minutes.



  • In 2019 there were almost 8,500 terrorist attacks, killing more than 20,300 people -5,460 perpetrators- according to the University of Maryland’s National Consortium. Afghanistan experienced 21 percent of all, and 41 percent of all people killed. Despite their peace talks with the United States, the Taliban was responsible for more terrorist attacks than any other group by a wide margin. Afghanistan endured the biggest chunk of assailants at 21 percent, followed by Yemen at 9 percent, Iraq at eight percent, India at 7 percent, Nigeria at 6 percent, and the Philippines at 5 percent. Pakistan and Somalia both stood at 4 percent, followed by Syria, Congo and Colombia at 3 percent and Nepal and Burkina Faso at 2 percent.

Aside from the Taliban, several of the perpetrator groups that increased terrorist violence in 2019 included Houthi extremists in Yemen (55 percent increase in attack), Boko Haram (43 percent increase); and the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist – Chand (148 percent increase).


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