GGN Weekly Geopolitical Summary

Weekly Geopolitical Summary

By Bernardo Simón Foster/
International Relations Analyst


(OCTOBER 26-30)



  • U.S. finished a tour of Asia in which he has harangued partners and would-be partners to push back against China’s increasing political and military inroads in the region.



  • United States warned Sri Lanka against its tightening ties with China, putting a spotlight on the growing rivalry between the S. and China for influence in the region.
  • India and the United States signed a new defense agreement, the so-called Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA), to facilitate the exchange of high-end military technology and classified satellite data between their armies.
  • India and the US reiterated in a joint statement their call for Pakistan to take irreversible action to ensure its territory isn’t used for terror attacks.



  • Both Armenia and Azerbaijan reported more fighting relate to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict despite brokered ceasefire facilitated by the United States, after two failed attempts by Russia.



  • U.S. unveils more sanctions on Iran, including sanctions for Iranian oil sales. They are part of a maximum pressure campaign that so far has failed to achieve its goal of getting Iran to halt its missile development program and stop supporting militant groups in the region.
  • Chevron announced is staking its natural gas future on the Middle East. The new strategy is seeing the company pitch new gas deals in Egypt, Israel, and Qatar.
  • In Iraq, thousands of people took to the streets against the Government, in demand of changes in the ruling elite.



  • Turkey is increasing the volume of cooperation with the BRI-related countries in terms of enabling the Middle Corridor, which lies at the heart of the BRI linking Turkey to Georgia and Azerbaijan via rail, crossing the Caspian Sea and reaches China through Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.
  • Ukraine initiates an urgent meeting of the security subgroup of Trilateral Contact Group (TCG, group of representatives from Ukraine, Russia and Europe) due to aggravation in Donbas.
  • Ukraine has urged the United States to expand sanctions aimed at stopping construction of the Kremlin-backed Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which would bring gas to Germany under the Baltic Sea, bypassing Ukraine.
  • In Belarus, at least 100,000 people marched to give what they called a “people’s ultimatum” to president Lukashenko (it was the 11th consecutive Sunday of protest in the country).

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